Thanks to its know-how since 1994, the creativity of its chefs and the selection of its ingredients, Geldelis offers the best recipes for
quiches and tarts to consumers in the catering, distribution and subcontracting sectors.

quiches and tarts

Our know-how

We work according to a semi-artisanal method which consists of combining a high-performance production tool with manual work, in particular that of the shortcrust pastry.

This mastery of shortcrust pastry is the driving force behind our imagination to a wide range of quiches and savoury tarts. To perfect the visuals, we are able to add ingredients by hand: slices of mature goat's cheese, peppers, cherry tomatoes, etc. 

The strengths of our company are the efficiency efficiency and agility of our R&D, logistics, sales, production and maintenance teams.

Selection of our Ingredients

Located in a region with strong agricultural potential, we favour local producers.

To offer varied and complex recipes, we have selected more than 400 different raw materials.

For recipes with an authentic character, we can offer high quality ingredients (wholemeal flour, superior ham, Isigny cream), some of which have a PGI or PDO label.

quiche and tart ingredients

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