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Since 1994, we have been creating tasty and creative recipes in the world of savoury tarts. Our know-how of shortcrust pastry allows us to develop quality products.

In order to meet the different consumption moments, we offer quiches and savoury tarts from 100g to 1.2Kg.  

Our know-how in savoury tarts inspires us to create innovative recipes: the Tatin, the clafoutis or the crumble, in a savoury version.


Our individual tarts are ideal as starters, main courses and for snacking with a quick restitution and a practical format.
We offer different formats to share, from 400g to 1.2Kg. They can be portioned according to your needs.
Our Tatin tart is an innovative savoury version of the traditional sweet Tatin tart, with a gourmet filling placed on a butter puff pastry.
Our savoury crumbles reinvent the tart in a more gourmet way with its shortbread crumble.

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The clafoutis reinterprets the quiche with a lighter, pastry-free version.
The finger is a perfect answer to the new trend of snacking.
Our muffins/cakes are perfect for snacking, with a quick restitution and a practical format.
A few minutes in the microwave and the boxes are ready to be eaten for a delicious and balanced meal.

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