Our Know-How

Shortcrust Pastry

The secret of our shortcrust pastry lies in the know-how of our bakers who shape it in the bakery kneader. As we believe that there are no good products without good ingredients, we select our products carefully and give preference to local suppliers. Flour, the central ingredient of our shortcrust pastry, comes from a mill located in Mayenne, a few dozen kilometres from our facility.

With its golden colour and generous butter content, our shortcrust pastry reflects the authentic taste of home-made products. We are vigilant about its texture to ensure that the dough does not break until it is ready to be used. 

This know-how in shortcrust pastry is the driving force behind our imagination. We use our experience in dozens of recipes with different flours (wheat, rice, chickpea, buckwheat,...), and with additions (poppy seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds...).

A semi-artisanal method

Although we work on high-performance production lines, our dough is made in a bakery kneader using traditional know-how

With his skills and touch, the baker can correct a dough that is too fatty, too sticky or too dry by adjusting the kneading time, the volume of water and its temperature. The consistency of the dough depends on the characteristics of the flour, butter, etc. These ingredients have characteristics linked to the variability of the "living" such as the feed of the cows, the environmental conditions of the wheat growing, the variety of seeds and harvests. Also, the weather conditions of the day have an impact on the dough and its kneading.

This control allows us to offer paste with organoleptic characteristics that meet specific needs. For example, we can provide doughs with a slight flaky effect.

In this process, we manually apply the dough to the products. Thus, ingredients cut into cubes, slices, etc. allow us to obtain a unique, attractive visual. In the mouth, the flavours are increased tenfold.

Reinventing the world of savoury tarts

Consumption patterns are constantly changing and there are many needs. We reinvent the world of tarts with innovative proposals in terms of formats and recipes.

We offer variety of formats: different weights (from 9g to 1.2kg), packaging (bulk, flowpack, case), cooking methods (raw or cooked) and conservation (fresh or frozen). Frozen raw mini quiche bases, ready to fill and presented in a special baking tray are examples of innovative solutions that meet the needs of professionals, caterers and bakeries in particular.

We are developing recipes to take the quiche to the top of its markets: festive recipes highlighting local products, pies with the Organic Agriculture label, 100% vegetable recipes...

Our Values


The family spirit is in the DNA of our company. This is how we develop solidarity and a good atmosphere among our employees. We extend this spirit to our relations with our customers and suppliers.


Our SME organisation, supported by the strength of a family group, has enabled us to develop great flexibility in our ingredient purchases and in our ability to develop and produce.


All our recipes are developped by our Chef and co-created with the R&D department in order to offer unique and tasty products that meet our customer's requirements.

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Our Commitments

The selection of ingredients, the family spirit and the quality of our products guide us daily in our creations.

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Our Products

Since 1994, we have been reinventing the world of Quiches & Tarts to meet the requirements of all dining occasions.